About Us
The Pleasure Horse Society


The Pleasure Horse Society has been created as an organisation for all horse owners.

Society Members Receive:

  1. One free E.U. Approved Equine Passport for each Membership.
  2. One free registration of your change of address in the first calendar year.
  3. One free registration of your keeper/change of keeper in the first calendar year.
  4. Free registrations of microchip and/or freezemarks added after issue of the original passport in the first calendar year (NB These are always included free when part of a new passport application)
  5. Access to the Members only area of our website where you can benefit from:
  • Veterinary care articles
  • Free advertising (horses, ponies and equipment)
  • Member to Member notice board
  • Competitions
  • Special offers
Passports applications call
0870 2418263

Please send all passports for changes – alterations to:

The Passport Agency
Tel:0870 2418263